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10 Countries Most Likely To Default: BlackRock
Jun 28, 2011 . Investors, meanwhile are left to wonder what other countries remain at risk. . and financial sector health to quantify the credit worthiness of any individual country. And despite its newest bailout, Greece still tops the list.


Foreign aid and developing countries' creditworthiness
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Determinants of Spread, Credit Ratings and Creditworthiness for ...
Investor's creditworthiness index as of March 2001, for all the 51 countries listed in table. 3.1. The explanatory variables included in the study were discussed in .

S&P | Ratings Sovereigns | Americas
Our coverage includes 128 countries. The documents in the collection below discuss sovereign ratings and our views on trends in sovereign creditworthiness.

Which Countries Own the World's Gold? | TheBlaze.com
Nov 28, 2011 . Those are also some of nations whose creditworthiness is now . This list reviewed the nations that hold the lion's share of the world's gold .

List of World's Largest Creditor and Debtor Nations - Financial Sense
Aug 31, 2011 . List (by Co.) . List of World's Largest Creditor and Debtor Nations . mind when measuring the creditworthiness of a country and its businesses.

On the Determinants of a Country's Creditworthiness - Ideas - RePEc
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Creditworthiness service - Sector
. (CDS) spreads, both on individual financial institutions and sovereign countries . . The counterparty list is circulated weekly and covers the latest credit ratings .

Corruption and Creditworthiness - International Society for New ...
We estimate the impact of corruption on a country's creditworthiness. . category the numerical value listed in Table 2 and use this variable as a proxy for .

IBT Trade Article - Deciding on Appropriate Payment Terms
Import-Export Email List · International Trade Tools · Request a Catalog . A buyer may be very creditworthy but located in a country that is experiencing difficulty.